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TopAds pay-per-click program

Welcome to DomesticSale TopAds program
This is a great way to increase performance of your classifieds ad. TopAds program based on pay-per-click pricing and keywords targeting. Your ad will appear along side the search results any time when visitors use search keywords associated with your ad. For example: if you sell a cocker spaniel puppies and create keywords: "spaniel, spaniel puppies, cocker spaniel", your ad will displayed for everyone who are looking for "cocker spaniel, spaniel puppies, cocker spaniel dog, spaniel for sale, etc." You pay when the people click on the ad - so you pay for result only*. Also, daily budget you set, starting from 1 cent!

* - if your ad has no clicks during 1000 impressions you will pay one bid for every 1000 impression as for one click.

How to start?
For the new DomesticSale advertisers:
Sign Up to become "existing DomesticSale advertisers"  :)
For existing DomesticSale advertisers:
1. Log in to your account and go to: Ads manager > Main classifieds ads

2. Click link "Create TopAd" for an ad what you want:
3. Enter search keywords and bids: 4. Enter your daily budget: 5. Add money to your TopAds account: 6. And... Enjoy !

*-result may vary depend your bids

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