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Ads run time:
Autoclassified ads - 355 days
Classified ads - 355 days
Job ads - 90 days
Realestate ads - 355 days
Resume ads - 355 days
Vacation ads - 355 days
with renewal options
Futures Standard user Premium membership
SCAM/SPAM protection included included
Online printable board ad included included
Unique dedicated web page included included
Photo editor - you can edit your ad pictures(crop, zoom, rotate, contrast etc.). included included
youtube video clip included included
Car sticker included included
Real Estate Agent Directory included included
Sell your products online ("Buy it now" button)   included
Automatic ads renewals   included
Upload feed
for cars, real estate and vacation classified ads only
  up to 10000 ads
Ability to post ads to multiple countries   included
Ability to add website URL address   included
Ads limit ( in all classifieds summary ) 5 ads 100 ads
  FREE from $9.99
for 3 months
Garage sale & Events ads - free, 14 days maximum.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my ad(s)?

- Log in to your account.
- Click checkbox for the ad(s) you want to be deleted.
- Click link "Delete" on the top side of ads list.

How do I change my email address, password?

- Log in to your account.
- Click "My profile" link.
- Edit your account information.
- Click the "Save" button.

I forgot my password.

I haven't received my password from

- Check your junk/spam folder.
- Try to receive your password again using the page Will open in new window.
- Ask for the lost email(s) your Internet Service Provider(ISP) or email service provider.

How do I edit my ad(s)?

- Log in to your account.
- In the "Manage Ads" row click classifieds your ad posted.
- Click "Edit" link at the right side of the ad needs to be edited.
- Edit your ad and post it.

How do I prevent SCAM/SPAM from foreign countries?

- Log in to your account.
- Click "SCAM/SPAM filter" link on the top menu. Set up your filters settings.

How do I allow/disallow visitors contact me by email?

- Log in to your account.
- Click "Edit Ad" link on the right side of the ad.
- Check/uncheck box "allow visitors to contact me by email".
- Save(re-post) your ad.

I can't read anything, the font is too small!

- Click "Ctrl +" or go to "View->Text Size->Larger" in your WEB browser to increase size of text.

How do I add my business to "Real Estate Agents Directory"?

- Log in to your account.
- Click "Real Estate Agent Profile" link on the top of your account page.
- Fill out the form and save it.

How do I close my account?

- Log in to your account.
- Click link "Delete my account" and follow instructions.

Why my ad cannot be placed?

- Please read our "Terms of Use" Will open in new window

How secure connection to

DomesticSale uses encrypted connection all time you stay on our website
to protect information transmitted between your computer and our server

Positive SSL on a transparent background

How do I enable cookies for

- To use several services on the website, you must enable cookies in your browser. Please read the help:
Enabling cookies for popular web browsers Will open in new window

Where I can educate myself about Internet fraud?

If you have any other questions, please contact us.
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I love this site too! The guy who set this up really knows what we shoe people need. Thanks!! :)

Thank you very much! I sold all my pups in week. Remove my ad ASAP, please ...
Sincerely, Jeff.

Bravo Domestic sale team! The best website for free ads i ever seen(and i have seen some)! Excellent job! Keep it up!
Best Regards, Melania
Santiago, Chile

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