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Four Moves That Lower Your Handicap. - 35

Sporting goods, Golf
Book stores and libraries have racks filled with volumes on the physical side of golf. Autobiographies by professional golfers reveal, with the frankness of confession story writers, how they “feel” during every movement. Doctors have written golf books dissecting the swing, with detailed descriptions of each part of the anatomy involved. Theorists treat the aesthetic qualities of both golf and golfers with nuances usually reserved for poetry. Endless “tips” appear in newspapers and magazines aimed at improving the game of the average player. Yet, why are there so many players seriously seeking improvement when the golf swing has been completely revealed, charted and plotted with the thoroughness of a geographical map?

1 Why do they find it so difficult to play their way around the course in less than 100 strokes?
2 What keeps them from breaking 90 or coming close to par?
3 How come a player can hit a great shot on one tee and completely shank it on the next?

The average player knows the fundamental movements of the golf stroke, yet fails to play well. It must follow that his failure is in his/her mental play, or is it simply their grip. When we come under pressure we unconsciously grip it tighter. This cause's all sorts of problems that would take too long to document here.

But what if their was a swing method that allowed you to grip the club tightly so when you came under pressure it simply made no difference.
Get a video of this stress free swing and try it out for yourself. Also read the many testimonials from all over the world.
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