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AKC NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND Puppies ~ Pet, - $800

Pets & livestock, Dogs
AKC Norwegian Elkhound Puppies ~ Gray or Silver Snow Bears for Companion, Show, Sledding, Hunting ** CHAMPION BLOODLINES ** Description: AKC ( American Kennel Club ) registerable Norwegian Elkhound puppies from purebred AKC Norwegian Elkhound parents, which are both on site. ==================================================​========================================= WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS OF $250 TO HOLD AN ELKHOUND PUPPY. CHOICE IS IN ORDER OF DEPOSITS. We accept Cash or PayPal for deposits, We CANNOT accept personal checks. Thank you. We have 2 litters; one born on Aug 23, 2018 and one born on August 29, 2018. Freyjah x Thor puppies will be $750-850. Sadie x Thor puppies will be $800-850.
==================================================​======== ==== One mom is our Castlebar line female. Lighter colored, thicker bodied. The other female is one of our show dogs. The sire is Thor, from an amazing show pedigree. All but 2 dogs in his pedigree are Champions or Grand Champions. Their pedigrees together should produce some of the best puppies ever. The puppies from this litter range from light gray to medium silver with beautiful black muzzles and masks. Full, thick coats. Proper body conformation, head structure, and temperament. Raised for beauty, brains, temperament, home guard, and children's play pal. Great running buddies. Elkhounds are also used for sledding. Our personal Elkhounds love to pull the kids around in the snow on their sleds. We are working our way up to snow boards as the kids get older. They absolutely LOVE the SNOW !!! The puppies will come with full AKC registration for $800-850. Will come with required shots, de-wormed on a schedule, veterinarian check-up, and written health and genetics guarantee. {314} 365-6740 or {573} 860-8509 for more information and to make appointment to meet the parents and the puppies. =====

We are looking for a great homes for them. They are spoiled to being inside dogs, with time outside to play. They will come newspaper and possibly potty pad trained =====

Our personal Elkhounds are our house pets and are fairly calm, but do love a good run around the yard several times a day. Great couch potatoes, or jogging partner. They can be whatever you need. Original purpose was to hunt bear and moose (elg ), and elk, and pull sleds. This breed also is well-adapted to hunt other game, including reindeer, wolf, lynx, mountain lion, badger, fox, rabbit and raccoon, as well as any variety of ground-dwelling birds. Scent, sight, vision and hearing are all keenly refined senses in the Norwegian Elkhound, contributing to its tremendous versatility as man’s hunting companion in the pursuit of wild game.

*** PERSONALITY *** Norwegian Elkhounds are friendly, somewhat-energetic and/or couch potato dogs who make excellent companions for active families. Elkhounds love to be outdoors, and look like they are having the time of their lives when they do anything that involves running. They are sensitive animals, in tune with how their owners are feeling and instinctively know when to clown around for a laugh, or when to stay quiet and lay their head in the lap of a friend who needs some comforting.=== We just found this to be true when my husband fell extrelely ill and was bed-bound. Our Elkhounds did not want to leave his side, except to see the kids when they got home. My husband is still bed-bound most of the time, and the dogs either sleep on his side of the bed, or recently one of our males jumped up on the bed and kept putting his paw on my husband's cheast and kept barking. Good thing...He let us know that my husband was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. He was rushed to the hospital and got treatment right away. If he had stayed in bed, I may have woken up to something horrible. Love my dogs !!! Elkhounds are outgoing and may greet everyone as if they are an old friend, but instinctively know the difference between a welcome guest and an intruder and can be trusted as a reliable watchdog. They will bark when people approach that they do not know. Elkhounds are good with kids The Norwegian Elkhound is a fearless, reliable, energetic and extremely loyal companion. Our personal Elkhounds bark at most strangers at first ( this is their job ), but quickly invite people that they deem acceptable. They have only really kept barking at people that were not of good character. They are good judges. They also are prized flock guardians, watchdogs and sled dogs. Their courage has earned them a special place in their native country's defense efforts; in times of war, the Norwegian Defense Minister has the authority to mobilize all privately owned Norwegian Elkhounds.

*** APPEARANCE *** The Norwegian Elkhound is a medium-sized, gray hunting dog with a Spitz-type build and typical northern breed features. They are squarely built, athletic, and possess the stamina to hunt for many days at a time in wet, cold weather. The double coat is thick, gray, and built to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and to shed debris and dirt. The tail it tightly curled over the back.

*** SIZE and WEIGHT *** Adult male Norwegian Elkhounds should ideally stand 20 to 20.5 inches and weigh about 48-55 pounds. Females are slightly smaller and should stand 18 to 19.5 inches and weigh around 42-48 pounds. One of our males weighs 49 pounds, and the other is 50 pounds. Our show female weighs 39 pounds. Our larger, Castlebar female weighs 47 pounds.

*** COAT and COLOR *** The Elkhound's double coat is thick and weather-resistant. The undercoat is dense, soft and wooly; while the outer coat is short, thick, and lies smooth against the body. The coloring is usually medium gray with black-tipped guard hairs accented with light silver. There is usually dark gray coloring on the saddle, and black tips on the ears and tail. The chest and mane are light gray. The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered with the AKC. Make sure to do research on this breed, and how it might fit your lifestyle.
Listed by Joellen Schaff
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