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Vashon Island Fire and Rescue Firefighter One Academy - $2,000 - Browns Point, Washington
    Vashon Island Fire and Rescue Firefighter One Academy
  • $2,000
  • Vashon Island Fire and Rescue is opening its Firefighter One Academy up to the public for self-pay. Our six-month course offers small class size which means lots of hands-on time for every student. Our Academy in the past has been just for our Volunteers, many of whom have gone on to receive full-time Career jobs at our and other departments. We now want to open ... 10/11/2017 ~ Browns Point, Washington ~ 22.3 mi.
Tarot Party Services - $150 - Boulevard Park, Washington
    Tarot Party Services
  • $150
  • Hi, my name is Stefanie, I have been reading tarot for about 30 yrs. I use tarot and intuition to give me insight. I am, accurate and honest. I offer services for celebrations and parties. Price varies on the amount of time I will be there and location. I offer free three card readings during the party. I am available from Sunday to Thursday from ... 6/19/2017 ~ Boulevard Park, Washington ~ 35.4 mi.
House Cleansing and Blessing - $45 - Boulevard Park, Washington
    House Cleansing and Blessing
  • $45
  • House Cleansing and Blessing 45.00 USD Hi, my name is Stefanie, I offer house cleansing, sealing, and blessings. I have been reading tarot for about 30 yrs. I use tarot and intuition to give insight. I am, accurate and honest. A house cleansing is a way of removing negative energy and entities from your residence or property. The sealing is for protection and ensures that ... 6/19/2017 ~ Boulevard Park, Washington ~ 35.4 mi.
Tarot Reading Packages - $60 - Boulevard Park, Washington
    Tarot Reading Packages
  • $60
  • Tarot Card Reading Packages 60 - 70 USD. These are the reading packages I offer for more than one reading. the readings are done one right after the other packages usually take about two hours. It's a flat rate I charge by the reading, not by time. The Life Path and Relationship Reading 70.00 USD The Life Path Reading and Career Reading 60.00 USD The ... 6/19/2017 ~ Boulevard Park, Washington ~ 35.4 mi.
Tarot Card Readings - $35 - Renton, Washington
    Tarot Card Readings
  • $35
  • Individual Tarot Card Readings It's a flat rate I charge by the reading, not by time. The reading takes about an hour. Life Path 35.00 USD A General Reading that shows me information about you and your life. The Year Ahead 45.00 USD Shows a full year broken down by month. Relationship Reading 45.00 USD Shows the relationship as a whole and a breakdown of ... 6/19/2017 ~ Renton, Washington ~ 14.1 mi.
Biohazard Spills - Edmonds, Washington
    Biohazard Spills Releases of small quantities of biohazardous material in the laboratory should be cleaned and disinfected by lab personnel, so long as the hazards are known, and appropriate precautions are used. If a biohazardous or blood borne spill occurs outside of the laboratory, a member of the trained Blood-Borne Pathogens Spill Team will respond. Spill response procedures include: • Ensure proper personal protective equipment is use; ... 2/14/2017 ~ Edmonds, Washington ~ 13.2 mi.
Laboratory Biohazardous Waste - Edmonds, Washington
    Laboratory Biohazardous Waste Liquid biohazardous wastes may be treated and disposed of by either of the following methods: 1. Chemical treatment of liquids with disinfectant; disposal via lab sink – Disinfectants may be used for “treatment” of liquid biological waste to prohibit growth of microorganisms. Add household bleach to the collection vessel so that the bleach makes 10% to 15% of the final volume. Allow a contact time ... 2/8/2017 ~ Edmonds, Washington ~ 13.2 mi.
Wastewater Treatment - Edmonds, Washington
    Wastewater Treatment Wastewater treatment is the process of converting wastewater – water that is no longer needed or is no longer suitable for use – into bilge water that can be discharged back into the environment. It’s formed by a number of activities including bathing, washing, using the toilet, and rainwater runoff. There are two wastewater treatment plants namely chemical or physical treatment plant, and biological wastewater ... 1/19/2017 ~ Edmonds, Washington ~ 13.2 mi.
Quality, Affordable, Personalized Resumes - $40 - Bainbridge Island, Washington
    Quality, Affordable, Personalized Resumes
  • $40
  • First, I'm not a bot, I'm a real person, and I have a question for you: Do you need a job, or a new job? You're going to need a resume, a good one, optimized with keywords, formatted in a personalized manner that won't get rejected for being "flashy over 400,000 resumes are submitted through Monster every week - the competition is brutal, HOWEVER I ... 1/17/2017 ~ Bainbridge Island, Washington ~ 9.0 mi.
The Ubuntu Handyman - Home Websites and Mailservers - Seattle, Washington
    The Ubuntu Handyman - Home Websites and Mailservers GET THEM RUNNING TO YOU! Experienced web and mailserver designer available to help you. From $100 to $2000. See these example sites: triple-click, then right-click Go to on each site listing to visit site 11/26/2016 ~ Seattle, Washington ~ 1.4 mi.
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